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USA Motorcycle Rentals

Please make sure you read the important information towards the bottom of this page

Why rent with H-C Travel?

  • Unbeatable prices
  • Unbeatable experience - renting motorcycles in the USA since 1994
  • Fully licensed UK tour operator (ATOL and TTA)
  • Group discount of 5% for 5 or more motorcycles
  • Repeat customer discount of 50 for rentals of 7 days or more
  • Priority motorcycle selection – be first in line every time for the bike of your choice
  • Deposit only prices, just 250 secures your motorcycle
  • We can also book accommodation
  • We can also organise tailormade tours
  • We can also book car or motorhome hire
  • We can also book flights
  • Our own travel insurance for EU residents
  • Optional additional CDW and SLI insurances
  • Harley-Davidson or Garmin satnav available for hire
  • Our commitment to service
  • 100% guaranteed financial security

H-C Travel rental prices include:

  • Soft or hard luggage, depending on factory fittings
  • Luggage storage at rental location
  • Emergency assistance
  • Unlimited mileage
  • All taxes and one-off charges
  • CDW with a $2000 excess/deductible against damage or theft
  • SLI (supplementary liability insurance) with up to a $300,000 cover
  • Helmets, if requested (but we do encourage you to bring your own)
  • Customer orientation
  • Our informative rental packs including road rules, travel advice, tourist information and map

How to book in 6 easy steps

  1. Select your required pick-up and drop-off locations.
  2. Select your first and second choice of motorcycle model.
  3. Select your rental dates – rentals typically start at 9-10 am and finish at 9-10 am unless you specify otherwise. You cannot pick up your motorcycle on the day you arrive in the USA.
  4. Check which season rate applies. The STARTING date of your motorcycle hire dictates the rate for the whole duration.
  5. Book online, by email or by phone with just a 250 deposit.
  6. Ask H-C Travel to check for best available flight prices (do NOT book your flights before we have confirmed your motorcycle – there are more seats on planes than bikes for hire and we do run out!), and pre- and/or post-tour accommodation.


Please read this!

Remember, at H-C Travel we guarantee to offer you the lowest price, so do give us a call!

If you don’t wish to prepay for all of the optional and compulsory extras that we include, we will be happy to book your motorcycle at our basic rate. You can then pay separately for: mileage options, optional insurances, taxes and other charges we include. However, this is NOT as cheap as prepaying our all-inclusive rate!

1. Pick-up  For safety reasons you are not allowed to collect you motorcycle until the day after your arrival in North America

2. Luggage storage Suitcases and other items not wanted on tour can be left at the dealership/rental location.

3. Travel insurance  NOT included in any motorcycle rental in the USA. You MUST have a suitable travel insurance policy that includes medical and repatriation cover should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident on a large capacity motorcycle. Nearly all widely available travel insurance policies in the UK EXCLUDE motorcycling. We can of course help and have our own travel insurance policy underwritten specifically for our customers.   UK customers are entitled to a 10% discount on our premiums. Please ask for information.

4. Motorcycle insurance US insurance regulations are a common cause for confusion, often varying from state to state. Below is a quick summary of what's what in US vehicle insurance. And remember, motorcycle insurance is not and does not include travel or medical insurance.

4a. CDW  Collision Damage Waiver. This offers you cover for the repair cost to your vehicle in the event of a collision or accident on a public road. For motorcycle hire the ‘deductible’ - the ‘excess’ in English - can be as high as the value of the motorcycle. All of our rental motorcycle prices include CDW with a $2000 excess, and we offer you the option of reducing this to $500 or $0 for an extra premium. Any ‘negligent damage' is not covered and remains the full responsibility of the rider, including damage caused during off-highway use or during use proscribed by the rental agreement.

4b. Theft insurance Included in our rentals with an excess of $2000.

4c. Liability insurance Third Party Cover in English. Motorcycle hire in the USA includes 'minimum liability' cover for you, and rental companies and Harley-Davidson dealers have their own product liability insurance to cover themselves, but NOT you. However, minimum liability can be as little as nothing, and rarely exceeds $30,000, depending on which state you are in - and you won't be told this unless you ask! So, we offer

SLI  Supplementary Liability Insurance. This is the solution to low levels of liability insurance, and doesn’t change from state to state. Over 99% of our customers feel more comfortable with the inclusion of additional liability cover, often called liability top-up, so we include up to $300,000 cover against third party claims.

5. Security deposit This depends on how much CDW you take out and varies from $100 with $0 CDW, to $500 or $2000. Always taken as a card swipe before you start your rental.

6. Restrictions: Non-public and gravel roads, beaches, Mexico. EVIP insurance is invalid in Death Valley during June – August but travel is permitted (all other insurances remain valid).

7. Age /height restrictions Riders must be over 21 and have an unrestricted UK (class A) or national licence. Riders must be tall enough to have control of the motorcycle when stationary, and passengers must be over 1m 40 cm (4ft 7 in).

8. Public Holidays Dealerships and rental locations are closed for US public holidays in 2016: 01 Jan, 27 Mar, 23 May, 04 Jul, 05 Sep, 24 Nov, 25 Dec. Please bear this in mind when booking a self-guided tour.

9. Minimum hire: 1 day

10. Late returns: These are charged, typically at $25/hour

11. Luggage We provide factory luggage or throwover panniers. Please see the motorcycle descriptions.

13. Intercoms Intercoms are not included in our prices, and are not available to hire. You are of course welcome to bring your own or purchase one at a dealership. Many touring models have a factory socket, USB port or iPhone dock. If an intercom is an essential part of your touring, and you don’t have a manufacturer-approved system, then please bring your own independently powered set.

14. Satnav  If you wish to bring your own satnav that is not a problem, and we will be happy to help with the fitting, but this is entirely at your own risk. All Electraglide Ultra Limiteds include satnav.

12. To reserve: Only 250


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