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USA - R6612to13Introduction

Your own UK motorcycle insurance does not cover you in North America. H-C Travel’s motorcycle insurance is designed for British and other non-US/Canadian nationals touring in the USA and Canada. You may purchase coverage for liability only or liability with fire, theft, vandalism and collision.

Our policy is a US insurance policy issued by Dairyland Insurance Co., covering all road-legal motorcycles and trikes. And as a rider there are no penalty points-related surcharges either. Please read all of the information carefully before completing the application form.


You are eligible for this insurance programme if:

  • You have a valid full, unrestricted national license
  • You are not a US or Canadian citizen
  • You are not a permanent resident of the USA or Canada
  • You are at least 18 years of age, there is no upper age limit
  • The motorcycle to be used is not a rental, short-term lease or buyback motorcycle


The description of insurance coverage below is a summary only. The coverage is subject to terms and conditions outlined and certain restrictions, limitations and exclusions contained in the policy of insurance. In the event of any conflict between the description of coverage below and the policy of insurance, the policy of insurance will govern.

This insurance provides statutory cover in all US states and Canadian provinces.

No cover is provided while the motorcycle is being transported to or from the USA or Canada.

We offer you 3 different levels of cover for your motorcycle.

Option 1 Liability only cover

Compulsory. Protects you against claims other people make against you for bodily injury or property damage they incur when you are at fault in an accident. You can take out four levels of cover up to $500,000 per accident (maximum $250,000 / person, $100,000 for property). Just decide how much cover you want.

Bodily injury cover protects you against claims for bodily harm, sickness or disease, including death.

Property damage cover protects you against claims for damage to or destruction of property, including loss of its use.

This cover also includes compulsory Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury cover. This insures you for any bodily injuries or property damage to you if the other party is under- or un-insured. Limits up to $500,000 per accident, maximum $250,000 per person, $100.000 for property. The amount covered is the same as the liability cover you choose under Option 1.

Option 2 Fire, theft, vandalism and collision cover (known as comprehensive in the USA)

Optional. It is NOT equivalent to comprehensive cover in other countries. This covers your motorcycle for accidental damage OTHER THAN in a collision or rollover. This is damage caused by theft, vandalism, acts of nature (hail, hurricane, storm), and collision with an animal. Single vehicle accidents are not covered. $150 excess (known as the ‘deductible’ in the USA).

Option 3. Collision damage

Optional. And finally, you can include cover for accidental damage to your motorcycle caused by colliding with an object or rolling over, regardless of fault. $150 excess / deductible.

If you have an accident

  • Notify the insurance company promptly. This notice must include the date, time, place and circumstances of the accident or loss, including the names and addresses of injured persons and witnesses.
  • Arrange for the vehicle to be taken to an authorised dealer in the USA or Canada.
  • Obtain a police or other professional report as required by the insurer.
  • Provide any written proofs and allow any vehicle inspection or appraisal required by the insurer.
  • Do not remove the motorcycle from the USA or Canada until the insurer gives authorisation. If you do, no claim will be adjusted or paid.

All claims will be paid based on US NADA average retail values ( in US dollars, less the $150 excess if applicable.


Like your UK motorcycle insurance, we require information on you and your motorcycle in order to provide you with motorcycle insurance. Your premium will vary depending on the level of cover you require, and the age and engine capacity of your motorcycle.

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Travel and medical insurance

This is NOT included, and you must take it out separately. We can arrange that for you (of course!) – see our travel insurance information or book online at

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We can offer you a complete service for all of your travel arrangements, including sea- or airfreight (please see our website), flights, accommodation, car / motorhome hire, etc.


You will need Adobe pdf file reader installed on your system to view and print the forms.
 If you do not, please download it from here, and then load the form.

Alternatively, you can E-mail us and we will post you a form.

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