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About Our New Zealand Guided and Self-Guided Motorcycle Tours

NZ-3We have been running guided and self-guided motorcycle tours in New Zealand since 1996, and for this season we have two guided tours offering the ultimate in service over a variety of routes. Our routes are carefully designed to offer superb riding and to show you the many different aspects of New Zealand’s culture, history and geography. So let our unrivalled experience make your New Zealand experience an unforgettable one.

If you want a relaxing touring holiday where you can just enjoy the riding, the views and the hospitality, then let your knowledgeable local guide and support vehicle driver take care of the details, leaving you free to enjoy the experiences and sights of the journey. You can either ride with the group leader or choose to travel at your own pace, or even divert from the recommended route plan if you want. The day is yours; you just re-join your fellow riders at the end of the day at the hotel. Each rider is given an extensive roadbook with maps of each day's ride, alternative excursions and details of the day’s highlights.

Our guided tour group sizes are typically 10-15 people. Mileages listed on the itineraries are approximate and travelling will usually take 2-5 hours each day although many riders (by personal choice) travel longer distances. The tours have been arranged to make the most of your riding time.

New Zealand guided tour schedule



Auckland to Christchurch

11 - 24 Feb 2019

Christchurch to Auckland

4 - 17 Mar 2019

Our friendly, experienced local guides display a deep affiliation with the country – it is their home and their local knowledge makes your tour with us an unbeatable experience. Tours are well organised, yet maintain a relaxed environment in which to spend your holiday. The guides hold a keen interest in people and enjoy sharing the NZ experience with others who are not as familiar with their country. They know those special places, routes, stops and people you will never find any other way!

One of the most important parts of your holiday is being able to rely on the value and quality of the accommodation. We select from a range of hotels and lodges with excellent facilities and which are known and reviewed for their welcoming service, and most of which we have used for many years.

Our New Zealand guided tours can also accommodate non-riders but please ask us before booking.

Our guidesNR-John

John & Alison Rains

John has been organising and guiding tours since 1987, making him not only the most experienced motorcycle guide in New Zealand but one of the most experienced in the world. He has found out that the only prerequisites needed for the job are mechanical skills, marketing skills, people skills, employer skills, a sense of humour, the occasional ‘blind eye’, and the ability to fix punctures in the rain. Widely travelled in Europe and North America on motorcycles. John enjoys meeting people and riding motorcycles – his personal favourite is a Laverda SFC1000, and he has also been seen on a Triumph Speed Triple. Happily married to Alison..NZ-Pete

Peter & Kate Colwell

Retired farmers from inland NSW Australia, who now have over 30 tours in New Zealand under their belts. A sensible approach and sense of humour has made them favourites. Peter's journalistic skills have seen his articles published in Australian and US motorcycle magazines. Widely travelled on motorcycles in Europe and North America. Currently Peter and Kate ride a BMW R1200GS.


Gordon Lidgard
Gordon has been in the motorcycle industry most of his working life as a motorcycle dealer, tour guide and was a winner of New Zealand Tourism Awards when he owned and managed an outstanding tourism company. He has now teamed up with John Rains and having both been founders of the motorcycle rental and touring industry of New Zealand, contribute a wealth of experience to make our tours even better. Gordon’s favourite bikes are the latest liquid cooled BMW R1200RT and R1200GS.

Reindert Dirksen
A Dutchman born in Egypt who speaks as many languages as there are days in the year. One of our most popular guides, he has been coming to New Zealand for the last 16 years as a guide for the German speaking tours. Reini is a very experienced international traveller, spending only a short time at home each year. A fine connoisseur of New Zealand beer and a lover of old BMW motorcycles of which he has two, an R90S and R75/5, garaged in Rotterdam awaiting his arrival home.

Laurie Bycroft
Dual sport specialist Laurie is a New Zealander who resides in Queensland during the winter. His experience and enthusiasm have made our Tours a real success. An eye for an interesting route and the ability to fix a problem miles from anywhere make him an invaluable member of the team. He has just restored a Suzuki GS1000S as his transport of choice.

Perry Rees
Perry is another of the all-rounders which are essential in meeting customer needs. An organised mind and a tenacious grip on details are vital with so many different things on the go. Some people call it multi-tasking, we just call it another day at work. A long history of motorcycles means he can turn a hand to helping out in the workshop and his former position of CEO at Britten Motorcycle Company means he is well travelled and comfortable with the needs of overseas clients. Indeed, he has already received glowing reports from our clients. Perry spends his spare time fishing and out and about on his 6 Speed Triple.

Self-Guided Tours


Our fly-ride self-guided motorcycle tours in New Zealand are already a favourite and well established but we’re always looking to make them even better. Every year we listen to customer feedback, look at new attractions and accommodations to make changes we think you will like. You may only visit New Zealand once and we want to make sure you get to see as many of the best bits as possible in the time you have available. All our self-guided tours include pre-booked (and pre-paid) accommodation with a choice of two levels of comfort and price. We also include 24-hour support throughout the tour, an extensive road book with a choice of routes and comprehensive local information to help you maximise your time and enjoyment. And we include convenient little extras like airport transfers, a cruise on Milford Sound and GPS! We’re sure you will appreciate the value for money and flexibility these tours offer.

All of our tours can be customised for you if you have more (or less) time than our 2- and 3-week tour durations.

All of our tours can be ridden in the reverse direction.


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