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TIB-2Ride with us on an amazing motorcycle journey across the roof of the World. Tibet and Nepal offer adventure motorbike riders a fantastic experience - both cultural and scenic. For most, Mount Everest is the scenic highlight, and the Potala Palace in Lhasa is probably the cultural highpoint and focus. And in between, you get to ride through the real Tibet at a time that may well turn out to be a crossroads in the country’s modern history.

In 1999, H-C Travel was the first licensed Western motorcycle tour operator to run organized motorcycle tours into Tibet. In 2001 we were the first to reach Everest Base Camp on the Tibet northern approach by motorcycle and the first to bring motorcycle groups to Everest Base Camp. And now, with the increasing improvements to the road surfaces, we have revised our itinerary to allow you more time riding through this mysterious country, and we’ve increased our daily riding distances by an average of 50%. Let our experience make your experience, and ride with us to the edge of adventure!

Travelling in Tibet is full of the unexpected, which is certainly part of its appeal. Our Tibet tour is best termed a 'motorcycle adventure', and should be undertaken by fit, experienced riders with an open mind for changing road conditions and different rules of the road. This tour is not suitable for novices, we expect you to have a minimum 5000 miles riding experience, and some offroad riding experience is required (not a lot!) as roads are sometimes little more than tracks. Itineraries are subject to improvement or change depending on local conditions.

Age restrictions 18-65, but please check with us if you are over 65, we can be flexible.

Temperatures on tour are subject to rapid changes, and the climate will vary from the lower to the high elevations. While riding we must be prepared for these changes. Expect very hot and humid conditions on the plains, with possible showers. As we climb into the foothills expect warm daytime temperatures and cooler nights. Approaching the high passes we can expect anything from warm sunny days to rain, sleet or snow, with nights cool to cold but rarely reaching freezing point. Our tour dates are designed for optimum weather conditions. However, mountains are mountains, so we do recommend you bring a sleeping bag just in case!

Why tour Tibet?

  • A truly intriguing country, little seen or understood by Westerners for centuries
  • Unique lifestyle and customs
  • Ride to Mt Everest
  • Visit the Potala Palace

Why tour Tibet with H-C Travel?

  • Experienced tour guides
  • Professional Nepali and Tibetan support team
  • Approved by the Tibetan authorities and licensed in the UK
  • 2010-13 Royal Enfield 500 FIs (modified)
  • All new itinerary!
  • Unrivalled safety record

Your guideGuide - Eric

Eric Moffat has been travelling by motorcycle throughout Asia since his father, Patrick Moffat, first introduced him to that fine art in the early 1990s. After Patrick’s untimely passing in late 2010, Eric has continued his father’s work coordinating and leading Asian motorcycle adventures. Patrick was the true pioneer of motorcycle touring in Asia, running the first ever tours to Mongolia, Tibet and Bhutan and developing the routes to the highest pass in the World, Khardung-La, and across Rajasthan. Eric has inherited not just that spirit but also Patrick’s empathy with the Himalayan region and he and our dedicated local crew will really bring out the best in Tibet—and the best in you..IND - Allam

Alam Hussein was brought into our team as a mechanic by  Patrick Moffat at the age of 16, way back in 1996. Then he was the tour mechanic, and he led his first tour in 2005. He is now our main guide, and has participated in over 100 tours as rider, mechanic or guide. Alam is no mean rider either. He participated in the Himalayan Raid Rally in 2004, 2005 and 2006, and came second in his class in 2005. And when not working to make your tour the best possible experience, Alam is married and runs a motorcycle repair business and custom bike building shop in Dehradun, famous throughout India.

I believe that one would have to search high, low & far to find a better tour leader than Alam who was most ably supported by his driver and mechanic - both quiet, but most responsible guys, who ensured that the bikes were ready to roll each morning, and always in show-room condition!

Trevor Millett (ex-professional tour guide), UK, 2011

Yugyal and Babu. Yugyal and Babu are our right hand men in Nepal and Tibet. It’s theirs job to make sure everything happens on the ground and happens smoothly. They are both very important to us so please be nice to them!

Visa requirements

Visas are required for UK and EU citizens to Nepal and Tibet (if you are not an EU citizen, please check with your local Embassy or travel agent). You will be sent further details once you have paid for your tour in full (usually visas can only be issued less than three months before the required dates). A Nepal visa costs about 35, and a Chinese visa with Tibet permit about 60, plush processing fees of about 60 if you wish to use a visa processing agency. Please do not apply for visas or permits before we advise you to, as procedures can change from time to time.

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Tibetan Travels, by Clement Salvatori, Motorcycle Sport & Leisure, Sep 2000.
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