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SNO-1aOur snowmobiling ‘tours’ in the heart of the Canadian Rockies offer an exciting and enthralling winter holiday. offers a fleet of new mountain snowmobiles to take you across frozen lakes, along mountain trails and across powder bowls, with spectacular scenery all the way. With our location in the middle of the famous snow-covered Columbia Mountains of central British Columbia, winter adventures have never been more fun. And if you’re not sure if this will be exciting, our machines pump out up to 150 bhp. Trust us, you will have a blast! Our all-inclusive tours offer the use of new, quality snowmobiles, special clothing, full-face helmets, gloves and snowmobile boots.

And the annual snowfall here tops 20-25 m, so not only is the scenery spectacular, but so is the snowmobiling! With you are in good hands.

We appreciate that for most of our customers, snowmobiling is a completely new experience, so we have compiled an extensive FAQ section which we hope will explain just what snowmobiling is about, how our holidays work, and will answer most if not all of your questions on how to have the most excitement and fun in snow.

All packages can be extended to include your choice of winter activity or incorporated in a skiing holiday.

Why snowmobile with

  • Biggest and newest selection of mountain sleds. Our fleet features the best new Skidoo mountain snowmobiles, ranging from easy to handle but powerful 550 cc machines to big mountain climbing 800 cc, 151 hp machines. All machines meet or exceed emission and noise standards.
  • Only the best guides. The quality and experience of our guides are an essential part of what makes our snowmobiling the best.
  • Varied riding terrain. Our tours are run in the largest snowmobile tenure in BC offering 7 different riding areas, making for fun and ever changing riding in a variety of alpine terrain and on trails. Boulder Mountain, Frisby Ridge and Turtle are ridden directly from our lodge, while our truck & trailers comfortably haul us and our machines to Mts Hall, Eagle, McCrae and Wap Lake. Expert riders can team up with our senior guides to explore more and different mountains. SNO-2a
  • Best accommodation. Our hotel the Glacier House Resort is built for sledders by sledders and offers deluxe fireplace rooms and spacious log chalets. And what other sledding lodge offers you a 17-m indoor pool, a sauna, massage treatments, one of five hot tubs, a 4* restaurant, our ‘Sledders’ Pub with entertainment and a 240 cm projector screen showing the latest snowmobile DVDs? And some of our programmes include a night out in a cosy cabin in the mountains.
  • Best value for money. Despite increases in insurances, fuel and the prices of snowmobiles, we offer some of the most competitive rates compared to many sled destinations in Canada and the USA. We include snowmobile insurance, trail fees and fuel. We also include high quality gear for free, as well as the opportunity to ride different terrain each day without any surcharges.
  • More than just riding. We believe a snowmobiling holiday is all about great riding and having lots of fun. And that’s why our guides and programmes make it happen. From night rides and mountain top BBQs to fun evenings in the pub and hot spring, riding with is a complete mountain holiday.
  • Most Awards received. Our tour partner Great Canadian, and our tour hotel, the Glacier House Resort, have been recipients of North American industry awards like ‘Best Snowmobile Tour Operator’ and ‘Most Favourite Destination Snowmobile Resort’. This is the reason many snowmobile movies are shot here and manufacturers like Skidoo, Polaris, Yamaha and Kawasaki rate Glacier House Resort among their favourite Special Events locations. And of course it is why we work with them! And here at, our owner H-C Travel was the 2007 winner of the UK national TTA Award for Enterprise 2007.
  • Fully licensed in Canada and the UK. Great Canadian was established in 1996 and is Revelstoke’s only legal crown tenured operator.  H-C Travel was established in 1994 and is a member of the TTA and ATOL licensed. Hopefully that speaks for itself!
  • Small groups. You’ll learn faster, ride further, have more fun and enjoy your snowmobile experience more. We have a maximum of 6 riders to one guide.
  • Flexibility. We can arrange flights, and transfers, we can extend your stay with a skiing or snowboarding package, or we can arrange a two-centre holiday incorporating a week’s snowmobiling with a week’s skiing in Banff.
  • The little things. Every rider gets a 60 VIP package for free, with your own Scott goggles, cap, water bottle, stickers, lip balm, and more ... and free appetizers at the lodge after your exhilarating day out snowmobiling

Our guides

Our guides have set the standard in backcountry guiding. Rigorous First Aid and avalanche safety training, combined with detailed terrain and operational instruction make them some of the most capable back country leaders, and fun. Other safety measures include professional radio communication throughout our riding areas, vehicle safety and thorough snowmobile instruction for our customers. Our guides also carry spare clothing, First Aid supplies, and winter survival gear We have been accident-free since starting in 1996..


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