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MEX - MexicoMexico is a motorcycle traveller's dream come true! One would be hard pressed to find a country of more geographic diversity and cultural interest anywhere in the world!

Mexico's terrain is incredibly varied, with snow-capped mountains, lush rain forests, sun baked deserts and beautiful beaches; all of which might be experienced in a single day's ride! It is said that when the King of Spain asked Hernan Cortez to describe the Mexican terrain, he lightly crumpled a sheet of paper and laid it on a table to indicate the new colonies mountainous nature.

Mexico's culture and history are no less impressive, and very much alive today. Whether it's the majestic colonial architecture that dominates the heartland of Mexico, or the more than 30,000 aboriginal Tarahumara Indians living in the Copper Canyon region, Mexico's history and people are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Security? No problema! We'll be sure your motorcycle is well cared for throughout the journey. (FACT: In over 20 years and millions of miles of riding in Mexico and throughout Latin America, our local guides have NEVER had a motorcycle stolen!)

Why tour Mexico?

  • Mexico is just such a fun place
  • If you want to relive the ‘Old West’ this is authentic as it gets
  • Spectacular canyons - that you can ride in
  • Wonderful cultural mix of Spanish and native Mexicans brings a unique vibrancy.
  • The best place to celebrate. Whether it is New Year, Carnaval, or your birthday, Mexicans know how to celebrate!

Why tour Mexico with H-C Travel?

  • Our guides have unrivaled experience
  • Small groups
  • Range of tours and to suit everyone
  • Our unrivalled knowledge means you get simply the best possible experience of Mexico
  • Great routes and accommodation
  • Flight-inclusive tours also available
  • Simply the best tours to Mexico you can get

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