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Take our incredible motorcycle tour into a different World: Bhutan, the kingdom in the sky, Druk yul, 'the land of the Thunder Dragon". Possibly the world's most exclusive destination, right in the heart of the Himalaya. From West Bengal, we ride our Royal Enfield motorcycles over the border along valleys and climb passes through virgin jungle and forest. We ride past the ancient Dzong forts of the capital Thimphu and on into the heart of the Kingdom at Bhumthang.

Let us introduce you to the unique country of Bhutan, and what better way than on a motorcycle tour. This is a country where the rice is red and chillies aren’t just a seasoning but the entire dish. It’s also a deeply Buddhist land, where men wear a tunic to work, where giant protective penises are painted on the walls of most houses, and where Gross National Happiness is deemed more important than Gross National Product.

Bhutan also showcases an undisturbed traditional Tibetan culture, extraordinary textiles, extreme trekking routes and stunning flora and fauna. It is a country full of surprises for its visitors..BUT - Monastery

....  yet another fantastic tour from HC Travel!

This has been a life changing holiday - the perfect combination of adventure (lots of!), awesome scenery, brilliant company and a privileged glimpse into a refreshingly untainted country and culture.

The Royal Enfields never missed a beat or let us down even when the conditions became a 'bit' demanding! They really are the perfect bike for this trip and we can't imagine any better way of seeing Bhutan.

We cannot praise the team enough. Alam was a joy, an amazing tour leader, passionate about his job, fantastic company and he took 100% good care of us - a great guy.  Bhim, our lovely-natured, bike-loving Bhutanese guide, taught us so much about his wonderful country, culture and people, and he went out of his way to be helpful.  We felt privileged to have spent time with Alam, Bhim and the excellent Team and to have had such an insight into their lives.

Mark and Kate Chittenden, UK, 2010


Just returned from Bhutan trip had an amazing time , for me the journey of a life time. If any one likes curry , mountains and motor bikes this is the trip to go on - even the beer is a banging stuff. Big thank you to all who made it possible and special thanks to Alam who ran the trip like clockwork.

Syd Turner, UK, 2012

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a destination known to few, distant from the western world both geographically and in culture. It has less visitors annually than the Grand Canyon National Park can have in under two hours! Bhutan sounds like the perfect place for an H-C Travel motorcycle tour!

Nestled in the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is sandwiched between Tibet and India. For the motorbike touring enthusiast, this tiny land offers the qualities we all seek when travelling by motorbike: a diversity of stunning scenery, an inviting population, political tranquility and exotic culture found within a small geographical package, quality riding that stimulates the senses at every mile, and the sense that this is a unique experience.

Bhutan’s cautious limitation of tourism and outside influence has paid off. The statistics are impressive: 72% of the country is forested, over 770 species of birds, over 165 species of mammals and an astonishing 5,500 species of plants. So few places on Earth offer such unspoiled beauty. The flora and fauna are remarkably pristine. The entire country is mountainous, shadowed by the towering snowcapped Himalayas - you'll ride through lush green valleys sculpted over time by great rivers, never far from the imposing views of the world’s highest peaks.

The natural and well preserved beauty of Bhutan is no accident. Life is guided here by the deep spirituality of Buddhism, all things living are valued and revered, a harmony with nature and fellow man that will be evident as you encounter the natives throughout your journey.

IND - Bhutan HillsThe highlights are not marked by the usual ’tourist’ sights found on souvenir postcards. It is the natural beauty, ancient traditions, gracious people and the joy of sharing this extremely special experience with others that make Bhutan so special.

And your motorcycle experience is pretty good too! You will be riding into thin air as you cross a number of high passes offering magnificent views the eastern Himalayas. Take the Nikka Shu road carved out of the side of a cliff overlooking the Mangde Chu River.

And of course this is not just a motorcycle tour! There will be time to purchase colourful artisanal goods, hike the mountains, and engage the gracious locals, visit the 17th century Drukyel Dzong (Monastery fortress), one of many religious edifices to be encountered in your travels, or the famous Taktsang (Tiger's Nest) Hermitage on the face of a sheer 1,000 m cliff ... an incredible photo-opportunity that will remain etched in your mind for years to come.

Why tour Bhutan?

  • A truly intriguing kingdom, little seen or understood by Westerners for centuries
  • Experience a uniquely pure Buddhist approach to living
  • Some joyous riding, often on narrow and twisting cliff-hanging mountain roads
  • Unique lifestyle and customs – the closest to time travel you are likely to experience

Why tour Bhutan with H-C Travel?

    • Small groups of 2-8 riders
    • Experienced tour guide and local crew, we ran the first authorized tour to Bhutan in 1998
    • Approved by the Bhutan government, and licensed in the UK
    • Featuring Royal Enfield 500 cc

Your guide

AIND - Allamlam Hussein, who started working for us a mechanic when he was 16, has been guiding tours since 2005. He has been on over 100 tours in India and the Himalayas as rider, mechanic or guide. Alam is no mean rider either. He participated in the Himalayan Raid Rally in 2004, 2005 and 2006, and came second in his class in 2005. And when not working to make your tour the best possible riding experience, Alam runs a motorcycle repair business and custom bike building shop in Dehredun that is famous throughout India.

I believe that one would have to search high, low & far to find a better tour leader than Alam who was most ably supported by his driver and mechanic - both quiet, but most responsible guys, who ensured that the bikes were ready to roll each morning, and always in show-room condition!

Trevor Millett (ex-professional tour guide), UK, 2011

Alam’s team

Without his reliable local support team, the logistics of running our tour programme in Northern India, Bhutan and Tibet would be well-nigh impossible. Our chief mechanic is Biru, who has worked on our tours since 2000, and our support/luggage vehicle driver is Bopinder, who joined in 2002. They are usually supported by two assistant mechanics.

Visa requirements

Visas are required for UK and EU citizens to India and Bhutan (if you are not an EU citizen, please check with your local Indian Embassy or travel agent). You will be sent further details once you have paid for your tour in full (usually visas can only be issued less than three months before the required dates). An Indian visa costs about 90, with processing fees if you wish to use a visa processing agency, of about 40. We will arrange your Bhutan visa, which is included in our price, after your arrival in India.

Photo and video album

Photo gallery of Bhutan by the acclaimed French wildlife photographer Marie-France Grenouillet


Bullets over Bhutan, 1998 Please click here


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