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THAI-19How far do we ride per day?

Depends very much on the road and weather conditions. Usually we do 80-150 km of offroad riding per day, 150-300 km on tarmac. There is a lot to see on the way, and if you want to stop to take photographs you can do so at any time.

Do we drive around and stay in different hotels/places every night?

Yes. We stay in different places most nights. Exceptions: Chiang Mai (start and finish of the tour). Also, on the Laos tour we have to get our laundry done halfway through the tour, which means two nights in one place.

What's the weather like in the cool season?

All sunshine, blue skies and temperatures between 18 and 25C during the day. At night, especially in the mountains, it can get quite cool, down to 10C. Sometimes there's a spot of rain, but this is quite rare. The cool season lasts from November to February.

Do you have set departure dates or is a group of several riders able to pick and choose?

Both. We have tours with fixed dates, and any group that wants to pick and choose their own departure date can do so. The best months are November to March. We don't ride in April because of the Thai New Year Festival (for several weeks people throw buckets of water at anything that moves). 4WD tours are OK and actually good fun in April, if you don't have a problem with the heat. May is also pretty hot (40C, but if you don't mind the heat we can ride. In July and August it rains a bit, which is not bad because it cools down and the showers don't last long. In September it usually rains too much.

Does the backup vehicle carry the luggage?

Yes, and you can leave unwanted luggage in Chiang Mai and pick it up after the tour.

Do I need a visa for Thailand?

No, if you don't intend to stay longer than 30 days. You automatically get a 30-day tourist visa issued on entry at the airport. If you want to stay longer, you should get a tourist visa from the Thai embassy.

Your motorcycles seem quite small - why don't you have something BIG?

A few years ago we had a Yamaha XT550 for our offroad tours, and once we made the mistake of taking it to Laos. At first everybody wanted to ride it, we even had to draw straws. But then the lucky "winner" got tired really quickly, handling the bike's weight on the tight, steep dirt roads and through rivers and mud holes. When he got stuck somewhere it took three of us to get that bike out. No fun at all! So, lesson learned - we use smaller, less powerful motorcycles that are better suited to the possible riding conditions. Even on tarmac, a lot of the roads we travel are narrow and twisting, and not suited to large touring bikes.

Do you rent the bikes out?

No. We only run tours. Motorcycles are available to rent in Thailand, but insurance coverage is at best patchy, and road conditions can be very dangerous.

What riding gear do you provide?

We STRONGLY encourage you to bring all of your own (lightweight) riding gear. We don’t provide any gear for our road tours. For our offroad tours we have a very limited selection of shirts, enduro jackets, gloves, elbow and knee protectors, boots, helmets and pants. Please confirm any requirements at the time of booking, otherwise we cannot guarantee availability.

I ride mostly on tarmac and don't have much offroad experience. Is this a problem if I want to join one of your offroad tours?

No. One of our guides can ride together with you, watching and coaching you. Within two or three days you'll be up to speed of most riders in a tour group. Also, during tours we frequently stop to take photographs or chat with the locals. If you fall behind, there is no need to hurry or get stressed out - we're touring, not racing. We also offer 3-day offroad classes before the tour - if you have enough time, just arrive a few days earlier and we'll teach you. Think of this as your big chance …..

What happens if you don’t get enough riders on a tour?

We never cancel our Thailand tours. We will run a tour just for one rider. However, if we have less than 4 riders, we may run the tour without the support vehicle. This has never proved a problem. For our Laos tours we will cancel the tour if we have fewer than 5 riders, and offer you an alternative date or the option of joining one of our Thailand tours.

House Rules

When you come to Thailand with us, there are three "house rules" to consider which we have adopted or developed over the years.

We've read this one in a TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) office in Bangkok, and really liked it: "If you want everything just like home, stay home!" This is Southeast Asia, and things are different.

1. If you don't enjoy new experiences in a quite different environment, then you're much better off spending your holidays in your home country. Simple fact, no cynicism intended.

2. This rule is mainly for the "experienced" riders: Take care of the bikes and equipment as if it were your own. We know, on any offroad tour a certain amount of damage is unavoidable, especially when you're having fun - racing the other guys, sliding a bit too much, and whack! You've just been shown your limits. On the other hand, we have to keep the tour price affordable so you can come here and enjoy the adventure, which means the built-in "damage factor" per bike per tour doesn't include totalling the bikes.

3. Follow the tour leader - in more ways than one. Culture, politics, rules, just about everything here is different. Our guides live here, and could write books about the countless funny and sometimes weird things that have happened to them in this fascinating part of the world. Always follow the tour leader.

What should we bring with us?

Before you depart for Thailand we will send you our own Travel Guide giving advice on riding, what clothing, medicines, documents, etc. to bring. Flight tickets, accommodation information and any other travel documentation we need to provide you with will be sent at the same time.

 l Ladies in Laos and North Thailand with Tiffany Coates | Towards the Sun | North Thailand and Laos |
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